Mille Frydenberg is a brand with a mission and clear sense of direction. We specialize in designing hand painted patterns that are digitally printed onto a wide range of women’s wear. We take great pride in producing stylish and contemporary women’s fashion styles of high quality in classic silhouettes allowing the graphic prints to stand out. Styles are always manufactured of pure high quality silk fabrics such as crepe and chiffon. Silk is a 100% natural material and is incredibly soft to the skin allowing it to breathe in contrast to polyester and other synthetic materials. The design process of Mille Frydenberg styles and collections is based on an experimental and iterative approach to traditional artistic techniques with focus on graphic expression and dynamic colour combinations. Prints are designed and hand crafted ‘bottom up’ and involves a multitude of techniques and media including acrylic painting, water colours, crayons, inks, markers or physical objects used in creative ways (e.g. corn cobs, sponges, combs), before digitally rendered and finished. Often prints are multilayered and combined on classical, elegant, yet modern styles. The brand speaks to women that are looking to add a beautiful and original statement piece to their wardrobe. Mille Frydenberg is a playful, elegant and distinctive approach to women’s fashion that stands out from the crowd. Mille Frydenberg is all about creative expression and classical style.


Mille Frydenberg was founded in 2011 by Danish designer, Camilla Frydenberg, who has a long education in design, ranging from a Diploma at Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design, a Bachelor in Womenswear from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, courses at Accademia Italiana in Florence, and a Master in Design Management from University of the Arts London. The passion for prints on textiles was first discovered at specialized courses at Central Saint Martins and has been the key inspiration ever since. Today, the iterative, experimental and open-ended process of print design is a hallmark of Mille Frydenberg and the brand’s various styles.